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Refresh php function in div without page reload?

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I've made a more simple ping statues system for my servers. Right now my PHP function does a simple fsockopen and show Green/Red echo if up/down.

This ping status is only shown when the site is loaded.

Question : Can I somehow refresh and execute the function again without the whole page reload? I mean to have live status of servers changing if it goes down, without reloading the whole page.

<?php  function pingstate($host, $port) {    if (!$socket = @fsockopen($host, $port, $errno, $errstr, 0.1)){     echo "<p class='pingRed'><i class='fa fa-circle'></i></p>";   } else {     echo "<p class='pingGreen'><i class='fa fa-circle'></i></p>";     fclose($socket);   } }  ?> 

Example of output I use on other page than the function. This part works great but I have to "reload" the page everytime I want new status of the ping.

$host = $row['host']; $port = 80;             echo "<tr>               <td>" .$row['eq']."</td>               <td>".$row['ChargePoint']."</td>               <td>".$row['ip_addres']."</td>               <td>".$row['host']."</td>               <td><i class='fa fa-dashboard'></i></td>               <td><a href='http://".$row['host']."/' target='_blank'><i class='fa fa-gear'></i></a></td>                             <td>";                             echo pingstate($host, $port);                             echo "</td></tr>";   

I was thinking of maybe JavaScript that reloads the table row? How can this be done, I googled but cannot find for reload functions..

Please help me with explanation, I really want to learn.

Thank you!

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First things first: its real bad coding style to use PHP to echo html. You should avoid it if possible.

My structure would look like this:

create a file called server_check.php and use your checking code inside like this:

  if (!$socket = @fsockopen($_GET["HOST"], $_GET["PORT"], $errno, $errstr, 0.1)){     echo json_encode("offline");     die;   } else {     echo json_encode("online");     fclose($socket);     die;       }   echo json_encode("no ping possible"); 

Next step is to create a html file with the following content. I'm using jQuery for simplifying your problem. You may use vanilla javascript if you prefer that.

let server_list = {    "": 111,    "": 111  };    function checkServer() {    for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(object)) {      $.ajax({        url: "server_check.php",        data: {          HOST: key,          PORT: value        }      }).done(function(data) {        $('#'+key).text(data);      });    }    }    setInterval(checkServer, 10000); //Checks server each 10 secs
<script src=""></script>  <link href="" rel="stylesheet" integrity="sha384-wvfXpqpZZVQGK6TAh5PVlGOfQNHSoD2xbE+QkPxCAFlNEevoEH3Sl0sibVcOQVnN" crossorigin="anonymous"> Info about Server EXAMPLE.COM Server is  <p id="">NOT CHECKED</p>    Server EXAMPLE1.COM Server is  <p id="">NOT CHECKED</p>

EDIT: Please be aware of several security issues and non existent error handling. Please read on several topics (GET/POST/HTTP requests) and ajax in general before using this in a productive environment. If you have further questions feel free to ask them right away.

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