How can I display an error message in a form while using php and javascript

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// What I am Trying to do is to use php and insert my subscribers of Websites In A database first here is

// my html code

<center>   <form action="members.php" method="post">     <h1 class="title-4">Subscribe For Our Latest Updates</h1>      <input type="text" name="name" id="name" placeholder="Enter Your Full Name">      <div class="error-name" style="display:none">       <p>Please Enter Your Name </p>     </div>      <input type="email" name="email" id="email" placeholder="Enter Your E-mail" >      <div class="error-email" style="display:none">       <p>Please Enter a Password Password must be greater than 7 characters  </p>     </div>     <input type="submit" name="submit" id="sub" class="name-sub email-sub" value="Subscribe">      </form> </center>  <div class="sub-pop">   <center>     <h1 class="title-5">       &#9733;Thanks For Subscribing &#9733;     </h1>   </center> </div> <script src="home.js"></script> 

// here is the php Code in members.php

if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {    $connection=mysqli_connect('localhost','root','','lolovers');    $name  = $_POST['name'];   $email = $_POST['email'];    $query = "INSERT INTO subscribers(name,email)";   $query .= "VALUES ('$name','$email')";    $subscribe=mysqli_query($connection,$query);    header('Location:home.php'); } 

// This is the code to insert my user name and emails in my data base php admin

// here is my javascript that I use to validate my information

    // Pop up form for subscribers javascript code const popUp      = document.querySelector('.title-5'); const name       = document.querySelector('#name'); const email      = document.querySelector('#email'); const subscribe  = document.querySelector('#sub'); const errorName  = document.querySelector('.error-name') const errorEmail = document.querySelector('.error-email')  subscribe.addEventListener('click',subscription());  function subscription(e) {    if(name.value==="") { = "block"   }   else if (email.value==="") { = "block"   }   else if (name.value && email.value==="") {  = "block" = "block"     e.preventDefault()   }   else {"block"   } } 

// The reason why I am using php and javascript is because I have a hard time to display an error message

in php so instead of validating using php I use javascript to validate my form information and I use php

insert the data in php myadmin. The error messages I want to display is in

<div class="error-name" style="display:none">     <p>Please Enter Your Name </p>   </div> 

// I want to use javascript so that when some one does not enter his name this div section display under

the form

 <div class="error-email" style="display:none">     <p>Please Enter a Password Password must be greater than 7 characters  </p> </div> 

// the same thing above I want this div section to display when some one does not enter his email

//somehow my javascript does not work properly when i try to refresh the page my div sections display

automatically even though I did not enter any information it just displays. it even display my thank you


<div class="sub-pop">    <center><h1 class="title-5">    &#9733;Thanks For Subscribing &#9733;    </h1></center> </div> 

// I also want my php code to not insert the data in the database when the information is not valid

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you unnecessarily complicate the task, html5 natively offers this kind of control, without having to add any line of additional code unless you want to customize them.

Just add the required attribute on these fields

form {    display: table;    margin: 1em auto;   /* horizontal centering */    padding: .7em;    border: 1px solid grey;  }  input, button {    display: block;    margin:.5em;    float: left;    clear: both;  }
<form action="members.php" method="post">    <h4>Subscribe For Our Latest Updates</h4>      <input type="text"  name="name"   placeholder="Enter Your Full Name" required >    <input type="email" name="email"  placeholder="Enter Your E-mail"    required >      <button type="submit">Subscribe</button>  </form>

there is many tutorials on the web to explain this.
You also get precise information on MDN ->

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