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Another SQL query in a loop (row) query

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I am struggling with my code. I try to make a News Feed.

The news feed is working well but now I want to add a avatar picture on each news row to have a picture from the author. The avatar picture path is in a different table (users).

That means I need to get in the loop the specific user ID ($row['uid']) and with that uid I need to get the related path from the user's avatar in the user table.

If I try to use a query in my loop it shows me only one result instead of 6 as specified in my query.

Do you have any suggestion or advise how I can solve that issue?

Many thanks for your support!

This is my attempt for the moment:

            <div class="timeline p-4 block mb-4">                    <?php                    // Getting the user id and the feedmessage from Table "activity_feed"                  $statement = $pdo->prepare("SELECT feed_message, uid FROM activity_feed WHERE cid = :cid ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 6");                  $result = $statement->execute(array('cid' => $cid));                  $count = 1;                  while($row = $statement->fetch())                                     {                   // Starting the News feed Loop                  ?>                                    <?php                    // This will repeat now X times as defined in the query above by = LIMIT ?                        // Getting the avatar path from the user table                       $statement = $pdo->prepare("SELECT avatar FROM users WHERE id = :id");                      $result = $statement->execute(array('id' => $row['uid']));                      $user_avatar = $statement->fetch();                       ?>                            <style>                              #circle_feed {                              height:50px;                              width:50px;                              border-radius:50%;                              /* Including the avatar path from query above*/                               background-image: url("<?php echo $user_avatar['avatar']; ?>");                              background-position:center;                              background-size:cover;                                          }                          </style>                                                          <div class="tl-item ">                          <div class="tl-dot"><a class="tl-author" href="#" data-abc="true">                          <!-- Including the Avatar circle here-->                              <span class="w-40 avatar circle gd-warning border" id="circle_feed"></span></a>                          </div>                          <div class="tl-content">                              <div class=""><?php echo $row['feed_message']; ?></div>                              <div class="tl-date text-muted mt-1">DATE</div>                          </div>                      </div>                                          <?php                     // News Feed Loop is ending here                      }                           ?>                                                           </div>              </div>

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The best answer:

There is no need to loop. SQL is a set-based language that can give your the results that you want in a single query, using the join syntax:

SELECT      af.feed_message,      af.uid,     u.avatar FROM activity_feed af INNER JOIN users u ON = af.uid WHERE af.cid = :cid  ORDER BY DESC  LIMIT 6 

This is much more efficient than running 7 queries (one for the activity feed, then one for each row returned by the first query, in a PHP loop).

You can then fetch the rows of the resultset and use this directly in your application.

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