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Format number in java, which is the correct pattern

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Ciao, sorry for my english.

From the database I take a number, for example: 1,234.56 to the FE I have to send it like this: 1.234,56 how can I do? I try, but I can't.


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You may use German or Italian locale like this to get custom formatting:

float myNum = 1234.56f; String formatted = String.format(Locale.GERMANY, "%,8.2f", myNum); 

Similarly, if you use custom DecimalFormat, you need to switch to appropriate Locale:

        NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(Locale.ITALY);         DecimalFormat df = (DecimalFormat)nf;         df.applyPattern("###,###.##");         String output = df.format(myNum);         System.out.println(output);  

In the format pattern you cannot change group separator , and decimal separator ..

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