Django Rest Framework - How to create a GIF file from an uploaded video

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I have a Django Rest Framework + Android App where the user can upload some video files to my local Django development server. I wanted to show the videos as GIF files via a RecyclerView. I thought that creating the GIF files on server side (Django) would be more efficient than creating them on the client side (device).

So I want to make a GIF file from an uploaded video before storing the video file. How can I do that in Django ?

Here is my

class Video(models.Model):     created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)     text = models.CharField(max_length=100, blank=True)     video = models.FileField(upload_to='Videos/',                               blank=True)      class Meta:         ordering = ('created', ) 

This is how my looks like:

# used for displaying & creating video items  class VideoList(generics.ListCreateAPIView):     queryset = Video.objects.all()     serializer_class = VideoSerializer     parser_classes = (MultiPartParser, )      def list(self, request, *args, **kwargs):          queryset = self.filter_queryset(self.get_queryset())         page = self.paginate_queryset(queryset)          if page is not None:             serializer = self.get_serializer(page, many=True)             return self.get_paginated_response(          serializer = self.get_serializer(queryset, many=True)          # the only part we change         return Response({'videos':}) 

And this is the with the url the app uses to upload the video file:

urlpatterns = [     ...     path('upload/', views.VideoList.as_view()) ] 

The upload of videos from my app works, but I don't know what to do to create also a GIF file version of the uploaded video. Which is the best way to achieve that & how can I embed it into my Django-related files such as or

I would very thankful for any hint or any advice. Hope someone can help...

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The best answer:

An example to convert a video into a GIF and using them in Django.

from moviepy.editor import *  clip = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4")             .subclip((1,22.65),(1,23.2))             .resize(0.3)) clip.write_gif("use_your_head.gif")  kris_sven = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4")                  .subclip((1,13.4),(1,13.9))                  .resize(0.5)                  .crop(x1=145,x2=400)) # remove left-right borders kris_sven.write_gif("kris_sven.gif")  anna_olaf = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4")              .subclip(87.9,88.1)              .speedx(0.5) # Play at half speed              .resize(.4))  snapshot = (anna_olaf             .crop(x2= anna_olaf.w/2) # remove right half             .to_ImageClip(0.2) # snapshot of the clip at t=0.2s             .set_duration(anna_olaf.duration))  composition = CompositeVideoClip([anna_olaf, snapshot]) composition.write_gif('anna_olaf.gif', fps=15)  import as dw  anna_kris = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4", audio=False)              .subclip((1,38.15),(1,38.5))              .resize(.5))  # coordinates p1,p2 define the edges of the mask mask = dw.color_split(anna_kris.size, p1=(445, 20), p2=(345, 275),                       grad_width=5) # blur the mask's edges  snapshot = (anna_kris.to_ImageClip()             .set_duration(anna_kris.duration)             .set_mask(ImageClip(mask, ismask=True))  composition = CompositeVideoClip([anna_kris,snapshot]).speedx(0.2) # 'fuzz' (0-100) below is for gif compression composition.write_gif('anna_kris.gif', fps=15, fuzz=3)  def time_symetrize(clip):     """ Returns the clip played forwards then backwards. In case     you are wondering, vfx (short for Video FX) is loaded by     >>> from moviepy.editor import * """     return concatenate([clip, clip.fx( vfx.time_mirror )])  clip = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4", audio=False)         .subclip(36.5,36.9)         .resize(0.5)         .crop(x1=189, x2=433)         .fx( time_symetrize ))  clip.write_gif('sven.gif', fps=15, fuzz=2)  olaf = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4", audio=False)         .subclip((1,21.6),(1,22.1))         .resize(.5)         .speedx(0.5)         .fx( time_symetrize ))  # Many options are available for the text (requires ImageMagick) text = (TextClip("In my nightmares\nI see rabbits.",                  fontsize=30, color='white',                  font='Amiri-Bold', interline=-25)         .set_pos((20,190))         .set_duration(olaf.duration))  composition = CompositeVideoClip( [olaf, text] ) composition.write_gif('olaf.gif', fps=10, fuzz=2)  castle = (VideoFileClip("frozen_trailer.mp4", audio=False)           .subclip(22.8,23.2)           .speedx(0.2)           .resize(.4))  d = castle.duration castle = castle.crossfadein(d/2)  composition = (CompositeVideoClip([castle,                                    castle.set_start(d/2),                                    castle.set_start(d)])                .subclip(d/2, 3*d/2))  composition.write_gif('castle.gif', fps=5,fuzz=5) 

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