How to resolve Multiple assemblies being imported on a newly imported Nuget package for Xamarin Forms

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Disclaimer, I am creating the Nuget in question.

I am currently in the process of creating a Nuget package for Xamarin Forms, which has been going great. Here is the repo. I have gotten it fully working no issues.

I have also been testing it by including it as a project reference in another, closed source, repo. And this has also been working perfectly fine.

However, I decided to switch from using the project reference to using the actual Nuget, since I was no longer tinkering with the code on the fly to make it work correctly, and I have hit a wall.

The moment I include the package, I am given upward of 5000 errors, which are either

(/Users/UserHere/Projects/PopupsError/PopupsError.Android/CSC: Error CS1703: Multiple assemblies with equivalent identity have been imported: /Users/UserHere/.nuget/packages/awaitablepopups/0.2.5/lib/netstandard2.0/System.Xml.XmlSerializer.dll' and /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild-frameworks/MonoAndroid/v1.0/Facades/System.Xml.XmlSerializer.dll. Remove one of the duplicate references. (CS1703) (PopupsError.Android))


(/Users/UserHere/Projects/PopupsError/PopupsError.Android/Resources/Resource.designer.cs(36,36): Error CS0731: The type forwarder for type 'System.Attribute' in assembly 'netstandard' causes a cycle (CS0731) (PopupsError.Android))

And a multitude of others, I have a completely fresh repo with just the Nuget added here

The bit that is most confusing to me, is that the same exact project works as a project reference, but if I make it a Nuget and add it in, then it throws the error seen above.

I am under the impression, that its some small option I could add, but after some research, I am unable to figure out what small option I should tick. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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The best answer:

This is sometimes headache.

For local projects migrating from packages.config to PackageReference

You have to go and delete duplicate nuget from physical disk.

Delete this folder /Users/UserHere/.nuget/packages/awaitablepopups/0.2.5/lib/netstandard2.0

Since you mentioned you moved from packages.config to PackageReference within csproj file, you have to be also careful that csproj still doesnt have old style imports , you can fix this by comparing your csproj file with newly created project csproj file as reference.

Delete and remove "package.config" and 'app.config` reference from csproj file as well.


For NuGet

  • Check .nuspec file and remove reduntant imports
  • Clean the project , delete bin obj folders manually as well.
  • Remove NuGet.Build.Packaging , its not required. Its adding all of those reduntant assemblies.

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