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Stanford NER custom model accuracy testing

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I am working on Entity extraction using a custom model. I trained my CRF based model on a large dataset as

java -Xmx16g stanford-ner.jar -prop ner.prop

using these features

Property file (ner.prop)

 trainFile = training_data_IOB.tsv  #serializeTo = ner-model.ser.gz  map = word=0,answer=1   useClassFeature=true  useWord=true  qnSize=10  entitySubclassification=IOB1  retainEntitySubclassification=true  mergeTags=true  useNGrams=true  noMidNGrams=true  maxNGramLeng=6  usePrev=true  useNext=true  useSequences=true  usePrevSequences=true  maxLeft=1  useTypeSeqs=true  useTypeSeqs2=true  useTypeySequences=true  wordShape=chris2useLC  useDisjunctive=true  useGazettes=true  gazette=gazetter.txt  sloppyGazette=true 

Training file (training_data_IOB.tsv)

Thousands   O of  O demonstrators   O have    O marched O through O London  B-LOC to  O protest O the O war O in  O Iraq    B-LOC ...     ... 

Gazette file(gazetter.txt)

B-LOC   Iraq B-LOC   Afghanistan B-ORG   Congressional B-LOC   Bangladesh B-LOC   Canada B-ORG   ... 

the new model is created as ner-model.ser.gz and working quite well.

Now my question is, How I can calculate its percentage accuracy on any unseen(new) data without any manual counting and calculations??

I'm new in this field so kindly post a detailed descriptive answer. Thanks for your time.

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The best answer:

If you create a conll file with the gold tags for a test set you can use this command and it will output scores (this example runs our model, replace with your custom model):

java -Xmx2g -loadclassifier edu/stanford/nlp/models/ner/english.all.3class.distsim.crf.ser.gz -testFile testData.conll 

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